Greenis Slow Juicer F-9088 Twin Star

Greenis Slow Juicer F-9088 Twin Star
Greenis Slow Juicer F-9088 Twin Star Greenis Slow Juicer F-9088 Twin Star Greenis Slow Juicer F-9088 Twin Star Greenis Slow Juicer F-9088 Twin Star
Brand: Greenis
Product Code: F-9088
Price: 330.00€ 265.00€
Ex Tax: 222.69€
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What can you press with the Greenis Juicer?
The latest Greenis Juicer. Previous model is the F9008. The Greenis F-9088 Twin Star is an ideal mid-level slow juicer with a very low speed of 30 rotations per minute. This ensures an optimal preservation of all vitamins and minerals. This is the only slow juicer with a double feeding chute. This will enable your fruit and vegetables to be processed even faster. The Greenis F-9088 slow juicer is suitable for pressing both hard and soft fruit. Also all kinds of vegetables like carrots, peppers, radish, tomato and cabbage can be processed.

As an addition you will receive a tofu kit. The soy you pressed with the slow juicer can easily be squeezed into delicious tofu. Perfect for a snack, salads or as a meat substitute.

What kind of juice will you get by using the Greenis Juicer F-9088 Twin Star?
The slow juicer perfectly separates the juice from the pulp, creating a beautiful pure pulp free juice. The juice yield of the Greenis slow juicer is high. This is partly due to the new 2nd generation auger made of Ultem TM. This auger ensures a better bruising of the ingredients.

In addition, the low speed and double feeding chute provide a high quality juice.

How do you clean the Greenis F-9088 Slow juicer?
You will be surprised by the easy way to clean the Greenis slow juicer. By adding water in the feeding chute the Twin Star can almost clean itself. You can then simply disassemble the parts and rinse them with lukewarm water. The juicing screen can be cleaned by using the included cleaning brush.

Why would you choose the Greenis Slow juicer?

  • Compact design – The compact attractive design of this vertical slow juicer fits perfectly on every kitchen counter.
  • High juice yield – The new 2nd generation auger and low speed (only 30 rotations per minute) ensure a high juice yield of your ingredients. You will get more juice from your products; therefore you need to buy less products for the same amount of juice.
  • Price – The Greenis is a good mid-level model compared to other slow juicers in this price range.
  • Double feeding chute – The unique feeding chute ensures that your products will be processed very quickly.
  • Complete – With a fine, coarse and dense juicing screen you can make many different kinds of juice. A tofu maker is also included.
  • Powerful & Silent – the auger and strainer are made of the very strong material Ultem® (a material used by NASA) which will provide years of pleasure juice. The juice bowl and juice container are made of Tritium. The Greenis F-9088 features a powerful but silent patented AC motor.
  • BPA-free – the Greenis F-9088 is completely BPA-free.


Brand Greenis
Type of Press Single gear
Propulsion Electric
Dimensions (LxWxH) 15,0 x 15,0 x 43,0 cm
Warranty 5 years on the motor. 2 years on parts.
Weight 5.3 KG
BPA-free Yes
Motor 150W
Tuning speed 30
Noise (dB) 40 dB
Box content
  • Slow juicer
  • Pusher
  • Pulp container
  • Juice container
  • Fine juicing screen
  • Coarse juicing screen
  • Cleaning brush
  • Manual
  • Tofu kit

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