Angel Juicer 5500

Angel Juicer 5500
Angel Juicer 5500
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Angel Juicer 5500 Model

With only 82 rpm's, the Angel juicer retains all important elements inside the juice which are important for the body such as vitamins, minerals and other elements.

The juicer is equipped with the latest type of „dual gear“ set of gears, which effectively and at the same time carefully process the individual produce in two steps. In the first stage, the produce is ground roughly and, in the second stage it is literally “chewed up”, by which the best quality juice is separated from the dried, squeezed fruits and vegetable. The Angel juicer is made up of only four parts thus the assembly and disassembly of the juicer is very simply.

Angel juicer machine is able to juice practically every kind of produce – fruit, vegetables or herbs (from carrots to apples, even wheatgrass or spinach). The juicer has excellent results even when processing barley sprouts, leafy vegetables, herbs, shoots and sprouts. At the same time, it can make tofu, savoury pate and peanut butter!


Colour: stainless steel
Juicing Process: dual gear
R.P.M.: 82 r.p.m.
Power: 150 Watt
Weight: 9,4 Kg
Dimensions: 263 x 488 x 194 mm
Warranty (motor / parts): 5 / 3 years (domestic use), 2 years (commercial use)
The Angel Juicer Angelia model is the only home-use Twin Gear juice extractor that is made completely of stainless steel and produces more juice than any other juicer we have ever used. This is the pinnacle in home juicing and is suited to those looking for the maximum nutrition from juicing whilst removing all possibility of toxicity from plastic parts.

• All Stainless Steel design
• Maximum Juice Extraction
• Choice of Models
• Easy to Assemble
• Least amount of parts on any juicer
• 3 Horsepower Grinding Force
• Three Stage Extraction Process
• Hand Built

Looking for the best juicer to provide the highest yield and the most nutrients? Then look no further as the Angel juicer is as good as it gets! Hand-built from high quality components, this is our number one choice of cold-press juicer.

The Angel has the largest grinding gears of any twin gear triturating juicer and the three stages incorporate the mixing stage based on Dr. Max Gersons research which found that mixing juice together allows the nutrients to be absorbed by one another increasing the nutritional content. This ensures the produce is finely ground before passing into the mixing stage before being pressurised through the extended extraction housing. Barely any fibre passes into the juice and the waste pulp is bone-dry with firms fruits and vegetables, wheatgrass and leafy greens.

Unlike the other twin gear juicers and their variable pressure adjusting knob, the Angel is all automated reducing the need for the user to select the best setting for the produce you feed in – the Angel juicer does it best first time, every time. With minimal parts to assemble and clean, there is only the extraction housing, grinding gears, splash guard and wooden food pusher to clean and all steel parts except the extraction housing are dishwasher-safe. It also has the largest feeding chamber of any of the twin gear juicers.

When juicing for maximum health benefits, we want to be able to grind the fibres as thoroughly as possible to ensure that the maximum levels of enzymes and nutrients are released from deep within the fibres. The triturating action from the stainless steel gears is thought to remove up to 90% of pesticides and agrochemicals on the surface of non-organic fruits and vegetables and it does this by binding them to the waste fibre (see research by Dr. Norman Walker).

The fan cooled induction motor exerts a 3 Horsepower force when grinding the produce whilst operating at a slow 82 RPM to ensure minimum oxygen is introduced which results in maximum juice extraction without the loss of nutrients and enzymes due to oxidation. Due to its low operating speed, this slow-speed masticating juicer is very quiet in operation and features a thermal cut-out device to prevent the motor from overheating. The machine can only be operated when fully assembled and is put together in seconds ready for immediate use.

When juicing softer fruits, an optional coarse screen can be purchased to reduce blocking problems and the manual reverse switch can reverse out any blockages the machine encounters when juicing this type of material.

The Angel makes delicious raw milk from soy, nuts and grains and you can also make nut butters with the optional peanut butter screen.



Tests on this juicer were surprising – such excellent results are not usually seen! We have tested – carrots, apples, oranges, grapes, currant and lettuce. Carrot pulp is considerably drier than from all the other machines and there was almost no apple pulp remaining. The machine really extracts all the juice from lettuce. The price you “pay” will pay back in maximum yield. There are less parts to clean but you will have to use the enclosed brush and tools for cleanig the juicing screens. This might take few minutes. We recommend soaking it over night in water. An advantage of this juicer is its larger (43 mm) feeding chute (standard size - 38 mm diameter).

* We are aware there may be some confusion surrounding models emanating from the USA distributor ‘Super Angel’. Super Angel juicer is the name of the USA distribution agent, it is not the name of the actual product. Angel the manufacturer produces only 3 domestic models, the 5500, 7500 and 8500. The information supplied by Super Angel the distributor about new models for 2014/2015, warranty and any other claims is specific to the USA and bears no relation to models sold within the UK & Europe; these improvements have already been included for several years over here. The only difference is the USA model has a 110 volt motor which is not suitable for use in UK & Europe.

** No warranty over 2 years for Commercial Use. The Angel Juicer has a domestic warranty of 5 years on motor and 3 years on parts (silicone seals, wooden pushers and cleaning brushes excluded as they are consumable parts with limited lifespan). Juiceland are the official UK distributor and service centre for Angel but we only service machines purchased from official UK stock, all juicers need to be returned to the service centre in the country where it was purchased.

Parts: All the nessesary parts are included in the Juicer Box, additionally we supply a mini recipe book with juice recipes.

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