Severin ES 3571 Slow Juicer

Severin ES 3571 Slow Juicer
Severin ES 3571 Slow Juicer Severin ES 3571 Slow Juicer Severin ES 3571 Slow Juicer Severin ES 3571 Slow Juicer Severin ES 3571 Slow Juicer Severin ES 3571 Slow Juicer Severin ES 3571 Slow Juicer Severin ES 3571 Slow Juicer
Brand: Severin
Product Code: ES3571
Price: 170.00€ 149.00€
Ex Tax: 125.21€
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Power: approx. 150 W
  • Slow juicing allows for better preservation of vitamins, minerals and enzymes than traditional juicers
  • perfect results and maximum application possibilities: for delicious fruit and vegetable juices, healthy sherbet / ice cream, fresh jam, fruit spritzers, passed tomatoes (eg for pizza dough)
  • Easy-Clean concept: fewer parts and a narrower micro sieve than conventional Slow-Juicers facilitate cleaning and assembly
  • easy cleaning thanks to dishwasher-safe parts
  • 2 sieve inserts with fine and coarse mesh and additional Frozen-Fruits attachment
  • high-quality press-auger for long-lasting perfect results
  • Micro strainers made of stainless steel
  • practical back-turning function to remove any blockages
  • delicious and healthy recipes at any time via QR Code available
  • BPA-free items
  • Warranty: 2 years

With this juicer, every fruit and vegetable can be simply juiced. The Slow Juicer by SEVERIN enables the best possible preservation of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Start with delicious fruit and vegetable juices in the day or prepare a healthy sorbet, ice cream, jam, fruit spritzers, passed tomatoes and much more in it. Unlike traditional juicers, this unit makes cleaning easier, as it consists of fewer parts that are also suitable for dishwashers. You will also get delicious and healthy recipes, which can be easily retrieved via a QR code. 

  • Capacity juice collector approx. 1 l
  • Capacity of pulp container approx. 1.3 l
  • low-noise, air-cooled engine
  • Drip-stop closure
  • Space-saving storage through extra slim design
  • non-slip rubber feet
  • Device dimensions (WxDxH) 26 x 22 x 42 cm




It’s the same story each year: as soon as the holiday season and time of indulgence is passed, the slogan “shed the pounds, kick-start the fitness” comes into its own. Fresh juices are particularly suited to releasing new energy. They provide the body with concentrated vital substances in an easily digestible manner. The latest trend is for professional juicers, so-called slow juicers, which ensure that the juice is extracted in a very gentle way. As a result, vitamins, minerals and enzymes are preserved. The ES 3571 slow juicer from SEVERIN guarantees perfect results and versatile possibilities for use (RRP € 149.90). Delicious fruit and vegetable juices, fruit spritzers, healthy sorbet or ice cream without added sugar, fresh jam or puréed tomatoes - there are no limits to the creative blend of fresh ingredients. And don’t worry about complicated cleaning operations, either. The slow juicer from SEVERIN contains fewer individual parts and a slimmer micro sieve than conventional appliances, ensuring easier cleaning and assembly.
Those following a healthy lifestyle can’t get around fresh fruit and vegetables. A range of different preparation methods is ideal to ensure diversity and make keeping those New Year resolutions even easier. Fresh fruit juices are part of every perfect start to the day, and healthy sorbets make the ideal dessert to enjoy without a guilty conscience. And preparing these in the ES 3571 slow juicer from German family company SEVERIN is perfect when you’re in a hurry, but don’t want to lose valuable vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The slow juicer ensures that the positive elements of fruit and vegetables, like vitamins, minerals and enzymes, are preserved, and the results are many and varied: whether healthy fruit and vegetable juices or sugar-free sorbets, healthy food has never been easier. The slow juicer from SEVERIN can also prepare jam or tomato sauce in a flash. The appliance’s innovative easy clean concept and dishwasher-safe individual parts ensures that post-prep cleaning is both quick and intuitive. Two fine and coarse sieve inserts and an additional frozen-fruit insert make the preparation of delicious, healthy recipes even more simple. The handy reverse-rotation function clears possible blockages in no time.

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