Oscar Neo XL 400 Juicer

Oscar Neo XL 400 Juicer
Oscar Neo XL 400 Juicer
Brand: Oscar Neo
Product Code: ONXL400
Price: 560.00€
Ex Tax: 470.59€
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✓ Premium commercial-grade 400 watt induction motor
✓ Extremely low speed 40 rpm with quiet operation
✓ Stainless Steel unit with durable BPA-free juicing parts
✓ High-yield continuous juicing for up to 60 minutes
✓ Unique wide feeding chute (8cm x 8cm) requires little to no preparation
✓ Suited for commercial environment with easy clean up and quick changeover in busy settings
✓ Added versatility with 3 included strainers: fine, course and sorbet
✓ Warranty: Lifetime (motor), 5 years (parts) / 3 years Commercial
Brands Oscar
Size N/A
Model Number ONXL400
UPC 9341061011187
Extraction Type Single Gear/Cold Press
Motor Single- Phase Induction
Frequency 60 Hz
Colors Available Stainless Steel
Included Accessories Ultem auger, tamper, cleaning brush, x 1 fine strainer, x 1 thick strainer, x 1 sorbet strainer and two collection jugs
Warranty Lifetime on Motor / 10 Years on Parts, 3 years Commercial
Product Weight 6.5 kg
Shipping Weight 8 kg
Product Dimensions L 14.5cm x W 22cm x H 45cm
Shipping Dimensions L 24cm x W 43cm x H 60cm
Wattage 400w
Voltage 220-240v
Certified CE Certified
Materials BPA FREE Ultem Tough Polycarbonate
Extra Features Vertical juicing, Juice Outlet Cap, Fine & Coarse Juicing Screen, Larger Drum (500ml), Measurements on the drum for more precise Juicing, Ultem Parts
Compatible Foods Soft & Hard Fruits & Vegetables



Oscar Neo XL 400 Juicer

Premium Commercial-Grade Machine

Oscar Neo XL400 Whole Slow Juicer
  • Powered by a new 400 watt induction motor, the Oscar Neo XL 400 Juicer is the latest high-quality advancement from the brand Oscar Neo. Following in the footsteps of the global best-seller Oscar Neo XL Whole Slow Juicer, this masticating cold press juicer stands apart from ordinary juicers on the market.
    Bringing you all the best features of the popular Oscar Neo XL model, the Oscar Neo XL 400 is equipped with the latest motor advancement standing the test of time and quality in a demanding, commercial setting. Not only does this juicer look the part with it’s sleek Stainless Steel exterior but it retains the wide feeding chute to make juicing simple, quick and convenient while preserving all the necessary nutrients in your fresh cold press juice.
    Backed by a 3 year commercial warranty, the Oscar Neo XL 400 Juicer is the ideal high-yield professional slow juicer with the best value for money on the market!


Genuine 400 Watt Induction Motor

Higher juice yield, lower wastage

  • The updated Oscar Neo XL 400 Juicer is driven by an improved and extremely powerful 400w induction motor that turns the juicing auger at an efficient 40rpm. The improved specifications and slow rotations not only squeezes the most from your fruits and vegetables but produces an even higher quality cold press juice, offering the most value for your money.
    The Oscar Neo is able to withstand the demands of a busy juice bar, cafe or restaurant with a production rate of 40 litres of juice per hour (tested with whole apples), meaning there is a better return on investment in ingredients and also the cold-pressed juice is more readily available to waiting customers. The Oscar Neo XL 400 Juicer further meets the criteria of the ideal commercial juicer as it does not operate at the loud and disruptive noise levels of most juicers and is instead very quiet when running, all thanks to the improved induction motor.
    Durability is a top priority with the Oscar Neo. The lifetime warranty on the motor and 5 years on all juicing parts, along with a 3 year warranty for commercial-use, is a true testament to the quality that is built to last.


Wide Mouth Feeding Chute

Juice whole fruits and vegetables with no preparation

Oscar Neo XL400 Whole Slow Juicer
  • Thanks to the latest whole slow juicer technology, the Oscar Neo XL 400 Juicer allows you to achieve a higher juice yield and benefit from a better quality juice. This is perfect for the health enthusiast who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on fruits and vegetables.
    The specially-designed wide feed chute of the Oscar Neo offers ultimate convenience without compromising on performance. The feeding chute is 8cm x 8cm which is large enough to juice fruits and vegetables whole, without cutting them up into small pieces. Not only does this save a considerable amount of time when juicing, but the food is protected against oxidation and heat during preparation and juicing processes. The nutrients and vitamins within the produce deplete when exposed to oxygen and so these remain intact to have the most positive effect on the body.
    This nutrient-dense living juice will remain fresh for up to 48 hours due to the slow, cold press technology meaning you and your family can enjoy delicious juice whenever it is convenient.


Stainless Steel Finish

Introducing the complete multi-functional kitchen tool

  • Designed with a brushed Stainless Steel exterior, the Oscar Neo XL 400 Juicer both looks and feels the part in your home or even a commercial kitchen.
    The structure of the juicer and its parts acknowledges one of the main challenges our customers face: a quick, hassle-free clean up. The ability to rinse water through the juicer during operation successfully dislodges most of the pulp residue, making cleaning this juicer a simple task. Anything still present on the main juicing strainer can be easily scrubbed off with the included cleaning brush.
    From a commercial point of view, you can quickly and conveniently clean the juicing parts between recipes meaning a higher turnover of juice in shorter periods of time.


Fine, Coarse & Sorbet Strainers Included

Robust and versatile juicing parts

Oscar Neo XL400 Whole Slow Juicer
  • The Oscar Neo has been designed to be extremely versatile. It has the capability to juice a wide range of fruits and vegetables, such as oranges, apples, kale, spinach and berries to name a few. Also included with the Oscar Neo Juicer is 3 juicing strainers to choose from: fine strainer, coarse strainer and sorbet strainer. The fine and coarse strainers allow you to create a consistency of juice that is right for you, while the added sorbet strainer gives you the option to make delicious fruit sorbets and nut butters for the whole family. All juicing parts are made from BPA free Tritan polycarbonate, one of the strongest materials of any commercial kitchen appliance!

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