BioChef Axis Compact Cold Press Juicer

BioChef Axis Compact Cold Press Juicer
BioChef Axis Compact Cold Press Juicer
Brand: BioChef
Product Code: BIOCHEF104&5
Price: 210.00€
Ex Tax: 176.47€

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✓ Compact & Lightweight – Great for Home or Travelling
✓ Entry Level Juicer – Perfect for Beginners with Best Value/ Performance
✓ Wide Mouth Feed Chute – 4.5cm Diameter
✓ Easy Lock Release for Quick Cleaning
✓ Pulp Adjustment Nozzle – Extract More!
✓ Ultem & Tritan BPA-Free Parts
✓ 2 Years Warranty on Motor & Parts

Brands BioChef
Model Number BACJ
UPC Red: 9341061008033
Silver: 9341061008002
Extraction Type Single Gear / Cold Press
Motor Single-Phase Induction
Frequency 50 / 50 Hz
Colors Available Red / Silver
Included Accessories Ultem Auger, 1 x Tritan Juicing screen, Pulp Adjustment Nozzle, 1 x Juice Container, 1 x Pulp Container, Tamper & Cleaning Brush
Warranty 2 Years on Motor & Parts
Product Weight 4 kg
Shipping Weight 5 kg
Product Dimensions L 34cm x W 18cm x H 32cm
Shipping Dimensions L 45cm x W 24cm x H 36cm
Wattage 150w
Voltage 220-240v
Certified CB / CE Certified
Materials BPA FREE Ultem & Tritan
Extra Features Horizontal Juicing, Pulp Ejection Nozzle
Compatible Foods Soft & Hard Fruits & Vegetables, Wheatgrass, Leafy Greens

BioChef Axis Compact Cold Press Juicer

A Compact Juicing Solution

  • With its compact and lightweight design, the BioChef Axis Compact Juicer is perfect for the health enthusiast who is new to cold press juicing, a smaller sized kitchen or for those who are on the move.
    It's quality design and build, competitive price, and high performance level makes it one of the best value entry level juicers on the market, today.
    All juicing parts are BPA-free which means you can rest assured that your fresh produce won’t come into contact with any harmful BPA leaching chemicals; and the wide mouth feeding chute means less prep time - making the entire juicing process, quick, easy and hassle-free.


User Friendly & Easy to Clean

Quick, Convenient & Simple to Use

  • With easy touch button operation and the new ‘quick release’ function, using and cleaning your BioChef Axis Compact Juicer is quick, convenient and simple and means all your juicing and cleaning can be done in just a few minutes. The BioChef Axis Compact Juicer also comes with its own cleaning brush which makes clean up even easier - so much so that you’ll love juicing and want to share the experience with family and friends.


Ultimate Leafy Greens & Wheatgrass Juicer

Excels at Juicing Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Wheatgrass and Leafy Greens

  • Enjoy the best nature has to offer in raw foods by juicing a variety of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens, with the BioChef Axis Compact Juicer.
    The BioChef Axis Compact Juicer is a masticating single gear cold press juice extractor which is perfect for juicing fibrous and leafy green vegetables like wheatgrass, aloe leaves, kale, spinach, silverbeet, parsley and other herbs resulting in high juice yield and little froth. Moreover, this easy to use, compact machine efficiently juices soft and hard fruits including citrus fruits - usually one of the hardest fruits to juice - and all kinds of vegetables, including celery, carrots, capsicum, radishes and cabbages without destroying the natural flavour and nutrition.


Pulp Adjustment Nozzle

Extract the max juice from the widest range of produce

  • The BioChef Axis Compact Juicer comes with a Pulp Adjustment Nozzle - an integral part of the effectiveness of the juicer. The Pulp Adjustment Nozzle allows you to alter the pressure under which fruits and vegetables are squeezed, with 5 being the highest pressure, and 0 being the least pressure. By adjusting this pressure, you can ensure you are extracting the maximum amount of juice from produce at any given time.
    For example, when juicing hard vegetables like carrots, you would set the nozzle to ‘5’ to squeeze the maximum amount of juice. You will see the benefit of this in the pulp, as it will be extremely dry.
    It also means you have better results for softer, more juicier fruits such as oranges or watermelon. With the setting on ‘0’ or ‘1’, you are allowing a freer flow of juice - resulting in less pulp and juice left in the drum, and better efficiency.


BioChef Quality & Durability

Backed by 2 Years Warranty

  • The BioChef Axis Compact Juicer is a high-quality juice extractor backed by its impeccable design and superior workmanship. With a focus on quality materials and parts, the BioChef Axis Compact comes with a 2-year warranty on the motor and all parts. All moving parts are made from Ultem and Tritan materials – both extremely durable and tough BPA-free polycarbonate - designed to keep you juicing for many years to come.
    BioChef is Vitality 4 Life's own kitchen appliance brand and is the result over 22+ years in the juicing industry, with customer-oriented product development being a paramount focus. The BioChef Axis Compact Juicer is at the pinnacle of customer enhancement, most importantly by offering incredible value for money.


What’s included in the BioChef Axis Compact Juicer

Maximum Value with Everything You Need to Get Started

  • The BioChef Axis Compact Juicer comes with:
    - Ultem Tough Auger / Squeezing Screw
    - Tritan Juicing Screen
    - 500ml Juicing & Pulp Jugs
    - Tamper & Cleaning Brush
    - Comprehensive User Manual with Recipes to Get You Started

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