Wellra Twin Gear Slow Juicer TGJ 50S

Wellra Twin Gear Slow Juicer TGJ 50S
Wellra Twin Gear Slow Juicer TGJ 50S Wellra Twin Gear Slow Juicer TGJ 50S
Brand: Wellra Europe
Product Code: TGJ50S
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A new revolution in slow juicing!

The Wellra TwinGear Slow Juicer is designed and developed by the South Korean company Wellra. Wellra manufactures also in OEM twin gear slow juicers for other well-known brands, in the objective to reach and to provide a high level of quality.

With the Wellra Slow Juicer, you will obtain juices containing all the green and healthy substances your body needs! The very powerful system of twin gears with slow extraction makes it possible to crush, grind and extract nutrients and vitamins from vegetables from the hardest to the most fibrous.

The best Twin Gear slow juicer

The WELLRA Twin Gear Slow Juicer is one of the household products with the best ratio quality/price on the market!

Thanks to its design and to its system of double sophisticated stainless screw, the Wellra Slow Juicer enables you to benefit and restore all the wealth of your fruits and vegetables in terms of health and wellness.

A good start for your health!

The WELLRA Twin Gear Slow Juicer is the best product to begin your health cure, containing fruits and vegetables juices.

The WELLRA Twin Gear Slow Juicer extracts high quality and clear juice from any kind of ingredient : vegetables, fruits, wheatgrass and leafy greens.

Precision of stainless Twin Gears technology!

Thanks to the precision of the speed of extraction (160 rpm) of its two stainless gears, the Wellra TGJ 50S Slow Juicer makes it possible! Rather than single-gear juicers, you could more easily extract the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, contained in the largest variety of fruits and vegetables, even those most difficult as the wheatgrass, or of fiber rich vegetables, like curly kale and carrots.


Easy-to-use for all the family with any types of fruits or vegetables!

The WELLRA Twin Gear Slow Juicer was designed to be easily used by anyone. The maintenance and the cleaning of the Wellra Slow Juicer were also thought as to be simple and fast. The Wellra Slow Juicer has 3 types of strainers to facilitate the extraction of every type of fruits and vegetables, from the hardest to the softest, and even with frozen food!!

Wellra have 3 different types of screens!

Wellra fine screen

The Wellra fine screen is used to produce clear and smoothy juice based on fibrous and leafy green vegetables. Thanks to this screen, you could easily create perfectly clear, full-flavored and full nutritive juices.

Wellra coarse screen

The Wellra fine screen is ideal to produce juices with high content in pulp and in fibers, from red berries and forest fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, ...) and soft fruits (bananas, mangoes, peaches, ...).

Wellra plain screen

The Wellra plain screen is excellent to produce vegetables butters (almonds, avocados, mangoes, ...), deep-frozen fruit-based sherbets or vegetable pies (lenses, chickpeas, dry beans, onions, mushrooms, peppers, ...).

A slow and powerful juicing system!

The Wellra TwinGear Slow Juicer is manufactured with a powerful engine functioning on alternating current and at low speed (160 rpm).
This technology makes it possible to obtain fresh and copious juices.

For healthy and nutritives juices!

Compared to other products, nutrients are tightly abundant with WELLRA TWIN GEAR SLOW JUICER and drinks becomes healthy.

Your fresh juices in complete safety!

The Wellra Twin Gear Inox was designed in compliance with safety standards applied all over the world (CE, CB, ETL, RoHS II, KC).

We offer 5 years warranty on the motor base and 2 years on other parts of our Wellra Twin Gear Slow Juicer.

Healthy and fresh juices, but not only!

The Wellra Twin Gear Slow Juicer can also realize natural ice creams from deep-frozen fruits but also from fruits and fresh vegetables. This slow juicer can also transform to pulp various types of walnut (peanuts, pecan, cashew, ...), as to chop some meat or to grind coffee.


Model: TGJ 50S

Voltage: 220-240V

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power: 150 W

Net Weight: 8.5Kg Weight: 9.3 Kg

Dimensions: 410 x 310 x 280 mm

Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), PC (Polycarbonate), Stainless steel

Available colors are: silver, burgundy and white

Warranty: Domestic: motor 5 years, other parts 2 years.

Made in Korea.


What's in the box?

The Wellra TwinGear Slow Juicer comes with:

Instructions for use available here wellra twin gear slow juicer user manual

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