Convection ovens

Convection Oven vs. Conventional Oven

Convection ovens and conventional ovens both cook foods using a heating element that raises the temperature to a set degree. The biggest difference between the two ovens is how they circulate the hot air within the oven’s cavity. Here are additional differences between the two cooking methods:

  • 1. Energy efficiency: Food cooked in a convection oven will cook about twenty-five percent faster than when you cook it in a conventional oven, thanks to the constant hot airflow. A traditional oven also takes longer to preheat.

  • 2. Heating element: A convection oven has a heating element that cooks food at a set oven temperature and also includes a large fan. A conventional oven has a fixed heating source that enables you to adjust the temperature.

  • 3. Heat distribution: The convection fan that circulates hot air ensures food cooks more evenly than in a traditional oven. Every corner of the dish receives the same amount of heat at all times. Convection baking prevents a situation in which one side of your food ends up burned while the other is underdone. To achieve even heat distribution in a traditional oven, you’ll need to turn the pan three to four times during the cooking process since a traditional oven has a single heating element that slowly radiates heat from the bottom of the oven.

  • 4. Moisture: The moving air in a convection oven creates a drier atmosphere within the oven, helping to create crispy coatings on everything from French fries to roast chicken. In a conventional oven, you can increase browning by applying more fat (like olive oil or butter) or turning the pan a few times during cooking.

  • 5. Oven capacity: The airflow of a convection oven makes it possible to place items on both oven racks. For example, when baking cookies, you can put multiple baking sheets in the oven at once. The air circulation ensures they cook evenly without you needing to rotate them. In a traditional oven, you will need to switch the sheet pans midway through cooking; otherwise, the bottom pan will receive more heat than the top one.


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