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Brand: OmniBlend
Product Code: TM-800
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The OmniBlend V blender is powerful enough to crush peels, cores and kernels from vegetables and fruits. You can use the Omniblend V for the following:

Hot soup in just a few minutes:
Because of the powerful motor and rapid movement of the blades heat is released which heats the mixture of fresh vegetables in less than 4 minutes, turning them into a hot soup. Healthy sauces, gravy and perfect pudding, all with a minimum of heating to preserve as many nutrients as possible.

Ice cream:
The Omniblend V Blender TM-800A blades are strong enough to cut and crush frozen fruits. You will get a smooth frozen mass that can be served as a fresh and healthy frozen dessert.

Pureed baby food:
With the Omniblend V preparing homemade food is easier than it’s ever been, preserving all important nutrients. Baby food that you purchase in the store contains less fiber and is prepared in a way which reduces nutrients even if fresh ingredients were used in the process. Give your baby the best food prepared with this blender.

Food processor and chopper:
The adjustable blender speeds enables you to cut carrots, olives, onions, eggs and cheese in small pieces.

Crushed ice:
Turn ice cubes in a few seconds into a bowl full of crushed ice.

Kneading dough:
Make dough for fresh bread in the OmniBlend V blender, and say no to added salt, sugar and preservatives.

The ‘pulse’-option on the machine makes it possible to mix ice cream and knead dough.

Adjustable speed and timer:
The OmniBlend V Blender has buttons to adjust speed and time.

Carefully designed blades:
The stainless steel multi-purpose blades ensure the preparation of ice cream, cereal, fruit, nuts and more. The blades are specially designed to prepare hot soup by means of frictional heat, but also serve frozen desserts within seconds with those same blades.

BPA-free cup:
BPA-free cup has a 2 litre content and can process food up to 120 degrees Celsius.

Very powerful motor:
The OmniBlend V is equipped with a 3hp motor, making it a very powerful food processor. The motor of the blender is designed to meet all the customer’s requirements, with the following properties:

  • Energy-efficient: maximum power consumption is 950W.
  • Endurance: the OmniBlend V has an automatic overheat switch. Should you want to continue you can simply convert the switch.
  • Quiet: the OmniBlend V runs at 85 dB compared to similar blenders that run at 100+dB.


Brand OmniBlend
BPA-Free Yes
Motor 3 PK
Dimensions (LxWxH) 19,0 x 20,0 x 51,0 cm
Weight 5 KG
Warranty 7 years domestic warranty (5 years warranty on the motor and 2 years the blender jar.)
Noise (dB) 84
Other specifications

Blades: 6

Rounds per minute: 38.000 rpm

Capacity: 2 Litre

Ice crusher: Yes

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